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bottles to babies initiative - making the connection

Green to Grow’s Bottles to Babies Initiative has two primary goals: to connect families who no longer need their baby bottles with local, non-profit organizations that accept donations for mothers who need bottles to feed their babies, but can’t afford them; and to provide an infrastructure for Green to Grow to realize our mission of giving back. It’s a way of helping families who need a little extra support, doing your part to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, and experiencing the true joy of compassionate service. To learn more about Green to Grow’s commitment to giving, please see:

Bottles to Babies, 2010 - Haiti

Bottles to Babies Initiative, 2009

Bottles to Babies Initiative, 2007/2008

It’s simple to participate in the Bottles to Babies Initiative:

• First, when you find yourself with gently used baby bottles you are no longer using, make the decision to donate them to an organization that helps women and families. Begin by searching our Bottles to Babies Donation Sites directory to see if there are any locations listed in your area.

• If we don’t have an organization in your area listed yet, try calling local women’s and children’s organizations, or doing a web search using keywords such as the name of your state, city, or region, and phrases such as “women’s shelters,” “services for women,” “family services,” or “homeless families.”

• If you find a new donation location in your area, please let us know so we can add your organization to our list of donation sites. Just send us an email at bottlestobabies@greentogrow.com with the name, address, and phone number of the organization to which you donated your bottles. A contact name would also be helpful. If you’d like to include personal comments about your experience of reaching out in this way, Green to Grow plans to post some of our customers’ thoughts on our web site (with your permission, of course).

• Green to Grow will contact the organizations on our Bottles to Babies Donation Sites list and offer to donate new Green to Grow nipples to be used with your donated bottles. We also plan to partner with some of these organizations to provide them with further support.

• Once you’ve connected with an organization that helps families and children, consider donating other new or gently used items too: clothing, bedding, furniture, toys, food, etc. (Let your children join you when making your donation, so they can learn the value you place on generosity and conservation.)

Bottles to Babies Donation Sites

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